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Towing - it's a word none of us like to hear. Usually this word is accompanied by lots of anger and frustration. We at All Night Towing Recovery & Auto Repair are here to help you get you and your car back on the road ASAP. Reach out to us and let us make your day better.

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Towing Services in Brooklyn & Surrounding areas since 1995. We are at your service 24/7.

What We Do

We have 20+ years of car maintenance, towing and collision repair services in Brooklyn NY.

When you’re in need of a tow truck to get you out of a bad situation, you need a company that is going to be there for you. Local people that you can trust, like & respect. Someone that knows the city like the palm of their hands. When you choose All Night Towing Recovery & Auto Repair, you are choosing quality. We are family owned & have been providing towing services, auto repair, car lockout, junk car removal & collision repair services for 20+ years. We are fully insured and have all NY licenses to preform our type of work.

Towing, collisions, breakdowns and car repairs are always not a pleasant thing to partake in, but from time to time, life happens – and we are all in need of someone to help us. Someone that is well known in the local area as a true professional that can get a job done. With more then 80+ Google reviews from our beloved customers, we are 100% sure that your experience with us will be great, pain free and unforgettable.

Our shop is based in Brooklyn and is highly acclaimed. With so many great references you cannot go wrong. With vast experience in almost every area that relates to automobiles, our staff has the know how & the tools to get the job done, and get you on your way safely.

Before you even are thinking about calling a towing company, stop everything you wanted to do and get into a safe place.

  1.  Pull on the side of the road and make sure you are visible as much as possible.
  2.  Put a triangle behind your car signaling to other drivers that there’s a hazard up-front, in this case, your broken-down car.
  3.  Wear as much light reflecting clothing as possible. Each and every driver is required by law to carry in his car at least 1 bright yellow reflective vest, wear it, you need it right about now. It doesn’t matter if you’re waiting for a tow truck in bright day light or in complete darkness.
  4.   Your objective at this point in time is to make sure that all the other drivers are fully aware that you are there and your car broke down.

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All Of Your Automotive Needs In One Place

Once you have completed all the basic safety tips that we just outlined here, call us, or any other towing company for that matter. Make sure to notify the police if there was a collision so that they can get to you and provide first aid as fast as possible. Sometimes you just break down and in need of a tire change, or a gas delivery – but there’s other times where you hit someone or someone hits you, therefore it’s very important to do the outlined steps as soon as possible in a case of a collision.

Once we received your request, our dispatcher will send over one of our tow trucks to your exact location, we need to have the exact location please in order to arrive and find you as soon as possible, so please make sure to give us as much information as possible when you first call. We are based in the middle of Brooklyn, so if you are calling anywhere around Brooklyn, we will be able to get to you in a matter of 15-30min depends on the traffic, your location and off course our availability.

Our dispatcher will always be on the line with you or will give you updates by calling you to notify how far away our truck is from you. We are rated as one of the best towing companies in Brooklyn in terms of response times & service. We aim to reach our customers as soon as humanly possible, but if we are not there on time, you’ll be in the know. Sometimes we do not have a truck available to tow your car, if that’s the case, we will forward your call to one of a few select towing partners that we work with to take your call and help you get home safely, with your approval off course.

Once we arrive to you, we’d need a few things – first your registration papers and your driver’s license, in order for us to know who this car belongs to. Once the paperwork was cleared, we’ll ask you to where you’d like your car to be towed and if the location is different than the initial request, we’d need to quote you a new price. Our prices are very affordable and we won’t ask for an arm and a leg. Sometimes your insurance can even cover the cost of your tow! We work with the following motor club providers:  Agero / Cross Country, All State, Road America, Gieco, Road Master &

Once the pricing was cleared and we are both on the same page, we can begin to tow your car! We’ll load up your car to our flatbed tow truck, without damaging it. Slowly and surly wins the race. Once that’s done, we’ll both hop to the cabin in our tow truck and get going to wherever you need to be. Sometimes Mike (one of our drivers) have warm coffee waiting for you at the truck at the cold winter nights, but that’s just if he likes you – so make sure to be pleasant 😊.

When we arrive to your destination safely, we will unload your car from our truck, figure out all the payment and paper work and we’ll be on our way. If you’d like to move forward with fixing your car, we can do that as well. We have over 20+ years of auto repair experience under out belts, there’s nothing more that we like to do than working on cars, big repairs are our favorites! Collision repair, transmission repairs, engine repairs and total fuel lines changes. The love for cars runs through our veins, and when we hire people to join our team, they have to rate how much they love cars from 1 to 10, if the answer is below 9 we simply do not hire them. The people we choose to work with like what they do, and do what they love, and we wouldn’t change it to anything else.

Give us a call today and let’s fix all of your car problems.

Why should you choose us?

20+ Yeas Experience

20+ years of experience in the auto industry. All of our mechanics have the know-how about everything automotive related.

Expert Engineers

All of our engineers and mechanics are certified and licensed.

Affordable Prices

Our prices are competitive and affordable. You won't break the bank using our services.

Guarantee Services

We guarantee our services. If something breaks down after we fixed it, we'll replace it. No questions asked.

Trusted Work

You can trust our work. We pride ourselves with operating on the highest standards.

High Quality

You can be sure that any work that is done by us is of the highest quality possible.

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We are committed to serving our great community to the highest degree possible. When you call us, we promise to provide the white glove treatment that you deserve. Our team will be there for you when you need us most. Don’t hesitate, give us a call today, and let’s get your day back on track.

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